Monday, May 5, 2008

First nights of spring

A preliminary video of some early racing. The first night the temperature dipped in the 30's. The second was a bit higher with temps in the 40's. This is all the footage I have from Travis's camera. That pile of crap dies 10 minutes in every night...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tons of new stuff for spring...

Okay so it's been forever since i've updated this. I'm way over due. Anyways, over the past few months i've boughten a bunch of crap for the old stang. I got GT front and rear anti-sway bars to replace those skinny stock v6 ones. I also ordered some J&M tubular lower control arms because I was getting really bad wheel hop / shuttering as a result of the new positraction I now have. It's a lot different when both wheels are spinning on the concrete as opposed to one wheel pushing the car forward. I got my car retuned by Doug Studdard down at BamaChips in Alabama. His race tune really woke my car up. The shifts are very firm now. The tires chirp between 1st and second gear, and also between 2nd and third. Those are some pretty tight shift points from an auto. The biggest mod to my car by far has been the Zex nitrous kit i just put on it. I have all the accessories for it too (purge, remote bottle opener, bottle heater, pressure gauge...). I used a 60 shot of nitrous a few times last weekend when i went down to Minneapolis and around University ave. I lined up with a 2006 EVO twice. The first race i spun the tires all the way through the first 2 gears and lost by a car and a half. The second race i didn't spray until 2nd gear and I beat him by a half car. He said he missed third gear though. Either way, I was with him through the first 2 gears and the nitrous was putting out some massive torque. I'm positive I would have beat him even if he did get it into 3rd gear right away.

I just bought a few supporting parts for the nitrous this week; An AEM wideband a/f gauge, an electric nitrous pressure gauge, NGK TR6 spark plugs, and some other stuff. I also bought a neon kit to put underneath my hood. My vision is to have red neon glowing out of the two scoops and vents in my hood. BADASS; the only word that will describe it.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Red Leather Installed in The Bullitt

The red leather seats came in the mail this Saturday. I originally planned to store them inside until spring so they don't get salt and snow all over them during the rest of the harsh Minnesota winter. Well, that idea lasted until i opened the box. So later that night, right around the time the Steelers vs. Jaguars playoff game came on (7:00 pm), i set out to start taking off the original seats. Travis stopped over and helped muscle the drivers seat cover off and muscle the new leather one on. I ended up stopping at around 2 a.m. I only had the drivers seat done and the bottom of the back seats done. Surprisingly when in woke up this morning i was insanely sore from all the bending, leaning, and manhandling it took to get the damn covers off. My hands have numerous cuts and bruises from lost fights with pliers and screw drivers. I toughed it out today and started working on the seats again at 4 p.m. I got done with everything around 8. The seats are in now and they look so sweet. Finally i got my red leather interior after 2 and a half years! Odds are i'll type up a guide for all mustang guys who want to do this swap but have side impact airbags like i do which makes it a little more difficult to do.

Penny Approves.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rear End Project 1.0 Video

Well we got the tlok and gears in. I'll post more about it later but here's a preliminary video of the awesomeness.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Rear End Project 1.0

I've had my gears and tlok sitting in my room for a good month and a half now. I got the used tlok and 3.73 gears for my 7.5 rear end from Joey on the collective for $120 shipped. Basically a great deal. Especially since it probably cost over $20 to ship the 30 pound box.

Anyways, Travis and I started taking out the old differential and gears yesterday and part of today. In the middle of it all, we decided on taking off the whole rear axle assembly to make the installation on the new stuff easier. While we're at it we're gonna paint the whole assembly black and red. The axle housing is gonna be red, and the differential case is going to be black. I can't decide if i'm going to paint the differential cover red or black yet but i'll figure that part out later.

So far everything has gone okay. We haven't had any major problems yet. The worst so far was getting the pinion nut off. That thing was torqued on the pinion so tight, we had to put a 1/2 inch breaker bar on it and give it hell and then some. Minty stopped by both days and watched. He also was our errand boy.

I borrowed all the tools required for the job from Rob (trav's gear head stepdad). We also borrowed a dial caliper and a micrometer from geary at the high school. The only tools i've had to buy is a 1/2 drive to 3/8 drive socket converter and an 18mm socket.

The rear assembly is almost sanded down all the way. We're going to paint it tomorrow and set up the new gears. The gear set up is the hardest and most time consuming part, hopefully all goes well.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mustangs on the Production Line

Short vid of mustangs being assembled at a ford plant. Why in the world they used an AC/DC song for the background music, i'll never know...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Red Leather for The Bullitt

I was browsing ebay the other day and came across an auction for red leather interior. I have always wanted the red leather since seeing the original 2005 mustang promo commercial with the silver stang that had red leather. As i said before, i was gonna upgrade to get it when ordering the car but it was too expensive for me then. I have regretted not getting it for over 2 years. Luckily i found this auction. It turns out the interior came off of a stang with the side impact airbags, so it was just what i needed. I only paid $390 shipped. Hopefully i'll get it before Christmas break is over.

Here's what it will look like minus the red door accents. Maybe i can order those through ford eventually.


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